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Walking to Paris in the Sunlight Afternoon

Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon. 19th arrondissement in Paris. A small cafe break at ‘Le Progress.’ Eight other patrons sit near me in the cafe. Small, circular tables rest in front of me. Stools stand closest to the street on the other side of the tables. Chairs with nice backing look out to the street on the opposite side of the table from the stools.

A pain-au-chocolat lies half eaten on a white plate on the table. I have a half-written journal entry in a brown notebook next to the breakfast repast.

Looking out from my table, I catch the sight of a solitary pigeon breaking from its clan as it makes its morning rounds to catch and gobble up away crumbs that have fallen to the ground between the tables. There’s a mess of crumbs under the table from my pain-au-chocolat.

“Jackpot,” says Mr. Pigeon.

“Bien sur,” I nod.

Overcast day today. Not quite sweater weather. It’s more like a long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans type of day. The thirty-foot tree in front of the cafe provides ample cover and shade, wanted or not. A metal grate with water holes lines and encircles the tree. People clump by with their shoes and sometimes hit the metal grate.

It’s 11:30 am and the cafe is starting to fill. The cafe has an awning of complete red that gives a nice glow from the sun. The yellow strands of gold slip out from the clouds and then bath the cafe terrace in a vibrant red hue. I enjoy the warm rays of the mid-morning light. I remain seated and continue writing this journal entry with the notebook on my table. I bite the last piece of my pain-au-chocolat.

Mr. Pigeon has gone. “I think I’ll get a gelato now,” I say to myself. I gather up my thing and leave a couple of euros worth of coins on the table.

“A demain,” I say to the waitress.

“Au revoir, monsieur.” she says back.


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